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So' Light

Wines That Meet Consumer Demand

Languedoc-Roussillon based Domaines Auriol focus their product development on their ability to analyse market requirements and then adapt wine styles accordingly.

'We took the same approach when we began making organic wine 20 years ago; it’s all about meeting the expectations of a new generation of consumers. We aim to nurture new wine drinkers, while offering more experienced consumers a quality product that meets their requirements in terms of diet and health choices.' Claude Vialade


Governments and Health Ministers are trying to make consumers more aware and urge people to lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. To satisfy this demand,we’ve launched a new generation of lower-calorie wines with less alcohol than traditional wines.


Central to Domaines Auriol’s product development is our ability to analyse the market and adapt wine styles to it. Using the same line of thinking as when we started selling ‘organic’ wines 20 years ago, we’re now measuring up to the expectations of a new consumer generation. We’re working towards nurturing new wine drinkers, while also offering more knowledgeable consumers a quality wine that meets their standards for quality of life and choice of diet.


These low-calorie wines are reduced in alcohol, with only 9% to 9.5% (compared to 12% on average for traditional wines). So their calorie content is low: about 65 calories per glass.Mentioning the grape varieties on the label lets us keep our iden­tity as part of the wine world. They deliver an innovative solution to the problem of reconciling health and pleasure. They look brilliant and lively with an aromatic fruity nose, and are tasty and full of flavour; the perfect combination for modern wines seeking a new market. We use a physical process, by filtering to maintain the aroma and round tanins. Our varietal wines collection are considered like dry wines with less 5 gram of sugar per litre.

The range SO‘ LIGHT®

Source: FRANCE, Mediterranean area
Varieties: 3 varietal wines.
A red Merlot, a rosé Cinsault and a white Sauvignon.


Our winemakers keep a watchful eye over grape ripeness and fermentation to make sure we get grapes with optimum phenolic ripeness, rounded tannins, fruity aromas & flavours and wellbalanced mouth-feel. The wines then undergo a de-al­coholising procedure using combined membrane technologies, a manual task that respects the wines taste and flavour profile.This was done working alongside and with guidance from INRA, the Pech-Rouge experimental unit in Gruissan.


The brand was presented to and endorsed by our sales colleagues; it seemed to strike an immediate chord with wine drinkers. The range is packaged in white Bordeaux bottles with screwcaps to be positioned in the ‘wine’ aisle. The design and colour coding add the idea of freshness and lightness. It’s also available in 25cl screwcapped bottles for merchandising in the ‘snacks’ aisle alongside low-fat ready meals; the concept applies to sports or fitness clubs as well.