CAB transition to Organic certification

The most famous akene is undoubtedly the dandelion as depicted in Larousse dictionaries.
This botanical term refers to a dry fruit that is not fused to its seed.
Akene illustrates our work towards subtainable vineyard management and our pledge that a natural approach should become the hallmark of Languedoc wines. Imbued with the vlaues advocated by Jean Vialade as early the 1970s - as chairman of Europe's first 100% organic co-operative winery - we have been promoting ecological transition by providing support over 5 years to help winegrowers switch to organic farming.

The CAB endorsement (Conversion Agriculture Biologique or Organic Farming Switch-Over) guarantees the intrinsic qualities of organic wines, in accordance with European regulations. Akène is the signature name for the CABV range which stems from our partnership with winegrowers who have made a commitment to join us in our ecological transition.

The wines themselves show a clear hue and fruitiness with freshness on the nose and fine, soft tannins.