Plo des Vents

Plo des Vents

The estate takes its name from the lady of the house: La Baronne Saint-Vincent. The Lignères family is the owner since 1950. In 2006, the management is passed down to the three children, Geneviève, Paul and Jean. The organic culture started in 2007. The Lignères are all in medicine, La Baronne is their common passion.

Le Plo des Vents Les Traverses AOP Corbières

Le Plo des Vents Les Traverses

AOP Corbières

Perfect as an accompaniment during the whole meal, on cold meats, grilled or stewed, or even a solid starter.

Grape-varieties Carignan, Grenache, Mourvèdre
Soil  clay-limestone soil 
Winemaking The vinification takes place with indigenous yeast,
Robe garnet robe with ruby tones
Nose empyreumatic, firstly comes the herbacious notes, the nose then
quickly opens up to notes of ripe black fruit
Mouth full and suave
Serving temperature 16-18°C.