Ciceron has completed a range of varietal wines and cuvees which are aromatic and spicy. These are what we call pleasure wines.

LE LION DE CICERON Corbières Rouge AOP Corbières

LE LION DE CICERON Corbières Rouge

AOP Corbières

This wine makes the perfect partner for cold cuts, roast poultry and mature cheeses.

Grape-varieties This red wine is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Carignan.
Soil The vineyards are located directly below an amphitheatre hollowed out by the river Orbieu, in the Lagrasse area, at the foot of Mount Alaric. Partly sheltered by the southern tip of Mount Alaric from the westerly ‘Cers’ wind that blows across lower Languedoc, Lagrasse enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is very conducive to late ripening. The elevation of the vineyard, between 100 and 150 metres above sea level, mitigates the high summer temperatures.
Winemaking The grapes are partly picked by hand and partly by machine. The fruit is destemmed and crushed then undergoes cold pre-fermentation soaking and pumping over during fermentation. Maceration lasts one month.
Tasting Notes This compelling red wine is aromatic and fruity with supple tannins, flowing into ripe notes of garrigue herbs and cherries. Drink within the first three years.