Montmija is our strongest and most authentic brand of organic wines. The site for the first vines was acquired by Clément Vialade at the end of World War II. As early as 1973, Jean Vialade began transitioning the vineyards to organic and in 2000 Claude gave the Montmija brand European reach.

Le Bistro Blanc Vin de France

Le Bistro Blanc

Vin de France

This fresh wine opens up to aromas of stone fruits such as peach with some floral notes.

Serve as an aperitif, with cold meats and goat’s cheeses.

Varietal range: This cuvee is mostly made from Grenache blanc, and blended with Roussanne or Sauvignon depending on the vintage.

Soil types: The wines in this blend are grown in vineyards where the climate is conducive to farming organically.

Vineyard management: All the vines are farmed organically. Yields total 80 hl/ha. The Grenache is trained using the Guyot system with three training wires in the Languedoc region.

Winemaking: The organic grapes are harvested by machine then destemmed on arrival at the winery. Pre-fermentation cold maceration develops aromas of white-fleshed fruits. Fermentation at low temperatures adds fruitiness and character to the wine. During the entire winemaking process and maturation, the wine is kept in inert conditions using nitrogen, thereby fully preserving its fermentation aromas of flowers and fruit.

Tasting notes: Drinking temperature: 8-10 ° C.