Grain de Bio

Grain de Bio Blanc VDPCE

Grain de Bio Blanc


Best enjoyed at 8-10°C with fish, seafood or goat’s cheeses.

Grape-variety Chardonnay
Soil types This wine comes from vines planted on the uplands of Catalonia, inland from the sea. The climate is Mediterranean: hot, dry and arid. However, the elevation creates significant diurnal temperature differences on summer nights, promoting peak ripeness.
Winemaking The harvest takes place by night, to avoid temperature spikes during the day. The grapes go straight to press and the juice is cold settled (3°C). Liquid phase alcoholic fermentation occurs at 19°C for about 10 days.
Tasting Notes The colour is brilliant with green tints. The nose opens up to aromas of yellow-fleshed fruits and pears. The structure is supple and balance is supported by beautiful freshness.