Grain de Bio

Grain de Bio Rosé VDPCE

Grain de Bio Rosé


This wine can be enjoyed as an apéritif but also makes the perfect partner for salads, chicken or exotic foods.

Grape-varieties Tempranillo
Soil Types This wine comes from vines planted on the uplands of Catalonia, inland from the sea. The climate is Mediterranean: hot, dry and arid. However, the elevation creates significant diurnal temperature differences on summer nights, promoting peak ripeness.
Winemaking Harvesting takes place by night to avoid temperature spikes during the day. The grapes are macerated for a short period of time (2 to 4 hours) in the presses. Pressing is followed by settling, which allows clear juice to be extracted, after which yeast is added. Alcoholic fermentation takes place at moderate temperatures (14 - 16°C) for about two weeks.
Tasting Notes The colour is intense pink with bluish highlights. The nose is fresh and fruity with notes of fresh strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant bud. The palate is fresh, ample and compelling.