Grain de Bio

Grain de Bio Rouge VDPCE

Grain de Bio Rouge


Works with ratatouille or as a partner for cold cuts. Ideal for cold starters.

Grape-variety Blend of Merlot, Syrah and Carignan
Soil types This wine comes from vines planted on the uplands of Catalonia, inland from the sea. The climate is Mediterranean: hot, dry and arid. However, the elevation creates significant diurnal temperature differences on summer nights, promoting peak ripeness
Winemaking The crop is destemmed before vatting. Some is fermented using short macerations at temperatures ranging between 24 and 26°C. The rest is fermented at higher temperatures (26 – 28°C) with longer pomace-contact maceration (15 to 18 days depending on the quality). Blending the two together adds complexity, fruit and spice
Tasting Notes The colour is intense red with purple highlights. The nose is complex, with notes of black fruit and sweet spices. The structure is supple, the tannins fine and soft. This is a palatable, indulgent wine.