Our Profession



Knowing the vineyards

Les Domaines Auriol have their own vineyards in Corbière in organic farmers. We have expert understanding of vineyard areas and wine growing.

Vinification and sourcing supplies

Our development has been based on our knowhow, on appellation wines and Vin de Pays made in the light of audits and specifica­tions framework.

Quality control

We do the auditing and impose the specifications to partner vine growers. Our expertise involves wine making, the monitoring of quality, the bottling protocol and technical checking.


One service ensures coordination between estate cellars, bottling and dispatch.This service also rationa­lises stocks and administrative tasks.

International markets and awareness of cus-tomer needs

We are on the books of European buying groups for own-label and brand name wines. small Languedoc châteaux of our permanent range. In/out events and wine fairs.


EXPERT KNOWLEDGE OF LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON wines for Special wines with our "house style"

As a winemaker of blends and varietals, we make sure vintners follow our protocol for the winemaking process to get a specific style. 70% of our sales come from tailor-made wines. They are based on a SPEC, a straightforward and precise identity card, which is completed working closely with our customers.

The SPEC includes economic criteria, standardizes the wine analysis and offers a sensory profile. With our know-how, we can produce the same style of wine month after month and over a long-term period.

Since 1995, our company has developed into the partner-supplier of European buying groups, and importers from international wine trade. Our expertise is based on understanding what needs to be done.

We present here the key aspects with a view to working in partnership with you.