Our Profession


Our company was launched in March '95. The project is based on a perfect understanding of our region along with the work of research, investigation and frequent tastings, which allow us to put together or select a particular wine to match the profile required by our customers within an agreed economic framework.

We carry out this work on table wines of character, vins de pays in blends or as varietals, but also for the region's AOC wines which are the real core of our know-how.

Our philosophy : Reinventing craftmanship on an industrial scale

The directors have devised a 'cellular' form for the company, by which priority is given to enhancing skills and competence.

The wineries, our partners, are the strength of the project

- They provide a regional range, complete and well-structured. Such wines are sold under our partners brand names or under ours (Fontauriol, Belle Occitane des Vins ....). 
- Some of these wines are vinified and matured to serve as a quality backup, ensuring product consistency when used in blends. 
- We also operate as a normal wine merchant, selecting cuvees from different wineries and estates for inclusion in our blends. This gives us competitive prices and a broad sourcing zone. 
- A contract agreement with several winegrowers is presently being finalized to develop a range of personalized, barrel-aged wines reflecting a given terroir.
- This range will be complementary to the wines from our family estates and of equal quality. 
- The collaborating wineries are the force of the project. 
- This range is complementary and of the same level of quality as our family domains. 
- We carry out the vinifications in collaboration with over 74 cellars which represents 2000 hectares of vineyards situated on the Spanish border and South of the Rhone. For a few years now our businesses Tortora Vinos & Claudius Domus Aquitania take care of their respective vinifications in the Penedes and in Bordeaux.
- The organic wines represent 1.5 to 2 million bottles equivalent to 150 to 200 hectares of organic wines.

A reality written in the vineyards of the South of France.

We are here to listen to our customers and present suitable ranges that can be developed:

- Amateur interest in our well known wines for a better recognition of wines from the South of France.
- Pleasure of our consumers, on our ranges with a Mediterranean and modern concept.
- An optimal rotation of our exclusive shelf brands.
- A beautiful assortment of wines issued from organic argriculture

Quality and Technique

A technical organisation, for a light and reliable modern approach.

Les Domaines Auriol are certified Iso 9001:2008

Our entire production system is controlled and certified as organic.

Our compagny is a major actor from Languedoc Roussillon and we received "Sud de France" label


After fining/filtering, the wines go to the bottling plants.
The bottling lines can handle the following bottles sizes : 18.7cl, 25cl, 37.5 cl, 75cl, 100cl and 50cl, as well as BIBs.

Logistics and warehousing

The facility in Gaujac includes sales offices and a temperature-controlled ageing cellar for fine wines with a capacity of one million bottles, with a labelling and packaging line. This building is used as a work tool. It has one function: the ageing, preparation and shipment of the wine under optimised safety conditions for the workers and a high respect for quality.

Our decisions were based on functional requirements, but we always kept in mind the search for aesthetics. We wanted to give an aesthetic and evolving dimension to the facility.
The aesthetic dimension, by respect for the workers, guarantees them not only a job but also a pleasant work environment where they feel comfortable and respected. The aesthetic dimension, because the wines of the region deserve it.
The proximity to the LEZIGNAN-CORBIERES motorway (1km) is convenient for the shipment and for receiving our customers. The specific tailor-made products are sent directly from the bottling centres. In June 2013, we inaugurated the extension of the air conditioned aging cellar, which brings our aging capacity to 1 to 2 million bottles.

The Rhône : A friendship story

Claude Vialade wanted to continue the adventure of Domaines Auriol through proposing a complete range of wines from the Mediterranean coast.

We had been considering the Gard Department for some time and those Rhone wines bearing the “Sud de France” signature. The Southern Rhone Valley and its renowned appellations could be the key to entering far away export markets; a well-established flag bearer which would enable the promotion of younger Languedoc Crus. Opening our offer to Rhone wines enables us to offer our clients a complete range of wines, vinified with the Auriol “know-how”.




2009 : Les Domaines Auriol purchase the brands, take over the USA business stream and reinforce relations with the Rhone winegrowing partners, offering them the vinification protocols, essential keystones of our Quality approach, of the wines’ personality and market adaptability.

2010 : Thanks to this new impulse and to the end of the economic crisis, the American clients have followed us, and sales have grown to 450,000 bottles.

2011 : Throughout 3 farming cycles, 3 years of work and of pleasure to build, relationships have strengthened.

Les Domaines Auriol are learning to know this neighbouring vineyard, and are gathering within the same activity the great family of Mediterranean wines!Rhone wines are now part of the collection, of the permanent range of Domaines Auriol wines.


Bordeaux is the largest fine wine region in the world, 120 000 hectares: 57 appellations controlées, 5 000 Châ­teaux, 60 ccoperative wineries, 400 wine merchants. His wines are the most prestigious in the world: Petrus, Yquem, Mouton Rothschild, Cheval Blanc, Haut Brion...

Bordeaux represents 13% of French vineyards and 1.5% of grapes grown in the world. Bordeaux wines offer a mosaic of flavors and pleasures due to the diversity of terroirs and grape varieties.

Claudius Domus Aquitania offers a range of three Bordeaux. Claudius Maestro, Château Moureau and Claudius Alto Some renowned names of Bordeaux, amongst which Sichel, Rothchild, Lurton, Cazes, came and settled in Languedoc Roussillon. It is now our turn to move there !

The selection is bottled by Claudius Domus Aquitania, which offers wines full of character, with the same profile of those of Grands Vins de Bordeaux and Médoc. Deep and intense colours, spicy expression and fresh fruity notes, elegant tannins grant these wines the characteristics of the great Bordeaux wines. A high potential for aging : 4 to 7 years.


These wines come from the region of Blaye on the northern of the Gironde. The vines selected for this wine are planted on hillsides facing south and southeast. The soil consists of clay and limestone. The vineyard is composed predominantly of Merlot with some Cabernet Sauvignon plots. The average age of the vines is 20 years. This ex­clusive blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is characterized by intense color, a nose of spices and fresh fruit. The mouth is round and fresh with elegance. With its good aging capacity of 4 to 7 years.


The property is in the family for several generations. But it was not until 1985 that Jean-Marie Larrieu took over the reins of the operation. He modernized the vineyard to gradually raise the level of quality wines.

The wines of Château Moureau are vinified in a small cooperative winery very close to the plots.

The operation is on the village of Saint Gervais at the north end of the Gironde department in the region of Blaye. The vineyard enjoys a maritime climate characterized by moderate temperatures, rainfalls spread over the year and an «Indian summer» in the months of September-October. This red wine is a blend of 80% Merlot & 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.


These are wines from the Médoc to the north end of the peninsula of the same name. That is to say, located west of the Gironde, surrounded by the ocean to the west and the Gironde estuary in the northeast. The viney­ard enjoys a maritime climate characterized by moderate temperatures, rainfalls spread over the year and an „Indian summer“ in the months of September-October. Medoc primarily benefits fully from mild stirring winds. The relatively strong ocean winds are slowed by the forest which passes through the pines and down vines, some drafts conducive to the slow maturation of grape berries. In this wine region, the Garonne gravel mix with the Pyrenees and the basements are full of clay, limestone, marine sediment and all that the mixing of water and multiple erosions were willing to create. This red wine is a blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot 30%.


Portrait of a family wine company with spanish identity:
Contact with winegrowers in every Spanish wine area. In charge of winemaking, selection, blending and traceability.

The Vialade family was originally from Spanish Catalonia on its father’s side. Tortora Vinos marks the family getting back to its Spanish roots, involved in the wine trade for several generations.



For personalised and exclusive labels, we set up winemaking specifications with the growers and wineries to end up with a very precise wine profile adapted to each market.

A varietal range and “organic” wines available from stock: Tempranillo red, rosé, Verdejo white… as well as Spanish organic wines.
Our team closely monitors the winemaking process.

Our fine wine range carries the « TORTORA VINOS » brand, signed by Claude Vialade.

Economic data:
2004: Presentation on and launching of Spanish broking company to our customers
2009: TORTORA launched heading up our Spanish based business
2010: 4 million litres marketed and exported.