Our Profession

The Organic Wine

The region of Languedoc Roussillon is the largest producer of organic wines in France. The climatic conditions are very favorable, we have the most sunshine in France and some 220 days of wind: the Cers and the Tramontane, the grapes are naturally protected from illnesses. In France the surface area of organic vineyards is 62 000ha of which 30 000 ha are in Languedoc Roussillon. Spain, France and Italy, form the world’s biggest trio of organic wine producers.

Our “Organic” history

Our “organic” history started 35 years ago under the inspiration of my father, Jean Vialade. In 1980, Jean Vialade was president of the cooperative of Ribaute and administrator of the Château of Pech-Latt it was at this time that he initiated the organic reconversion of the 2 vineyards.  Being from an Occitan culture and a visionary of his era, Jean is close to the European green movement and he has woven tight economic relations with them. It is under the friendly and dynamic influence of the German ecologists that he has boo­sted the organic approach at a time when organic specifications didn’t exist and governing organisations like the powerful INAO tried to ignore the gathering of momentum of this new type of consummation. Ribaute became the first cooperative 100% organic.
In 1995, when the next generation took over, the children, Eric and Claude opted for vinification in a private winery, the cellar is situated in the village of Ribaute. The Domaine Montmija vineyard comprises 27ha of vines which extend over the valley of Orbieu from Lagrasse to Fabrezan.

The Domaine comes under AOC Corbières and is certified by “Qualité-France”.

In 1999, under the influence of Claude Vialade, Montmija was integrated into the Domaines Auriol. Since 2010, Montmija is the flagship of the organic wine collection of our enterprise.

Montmija, a family signature

Cobières Monmija signature, is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan, which comes partly from our vineyards and partly from exploitations of grapes issued from parcels of other organic winesgrowers that respect the vinification protocols initiated by the Domaines Auriol.
Montmija-La-Chapelle presents a pallet of cepages: Syrah rosé and red, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet
Bistro de Montmija marks of the cuvees of “pleasure”, nicely natural.

The influence of Domaines Auriol on organic viticulture

We vinify between 7 500 and 10 000hls of organic wine. The vinifications are done by the winegrowers, according to our vinification protocols. The Domaines Auriol have initiated the reconversion to organic viticulture of over 200 hectares of vineyards. Our produce is bottled in the region of production. Forerunner for 35 years, since 2010 we are the national leader in organic wines conditioned in bottles and bag in boxes. 

Our organic wine collection

Organic wine can be preserved just as well as conventional wines!

Domaines and Châteaux : AOC: Corbières, Faugères, Costières de Nîmes
The cepages : Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah rouge and rosé, Cabernet
The cuvees : Le Bistro, Pavillon de Gaujac,Tortora Vinos tinto, rosado and blanco. Firma Ecologica

An eco responsible action

Our eco responsible and solidary engagement make us attentive to the environmental risks of our century. Organic viticul­ture for us is a way to produce wine whilst choosing an eco responsible economy.
The production of organic wines coincides with our steps to protect the environment, the value of the terroir and the search for wines with a unique identity. Organic viticulture gives life back to the soil; it promotes positive interactions with the soil, the climate and the plant. These steps have been our priority since the creation of the enterprise

It goes hand in hand with our daily developments:

- Collection of rainwater in the estates in order to hose the gardens,
- Recycling of waste produced from the working of the Wine,
- The use of cardboard boxes made of recycled material for packing the bottles of wine, which are not treated with harmful chemicals, and the sorting and recycling of bottles and paper products,
- Combined efforts with neighbouring companies, whenever possible,
- Careful surveillance of all equipment from the production of wine as well as the logistics.


The organic wine charter

Produce organic wine, Is to voluntarily subscribe to an organic certifying organisation, to engage in applying the regulations, to accept the inspections with complete transparency .

- Our organic wines are guaranteed and certified by the Bureau Veritas
- Is to accept smaller harvests per hectare in comparison with conventional methods.
- To emphasise the quality of the vines and the grape.


The certification

For the winemaker the acquisition of an Agriculture Biologique AB label implies the total respect of the requirements stipulated in the regula­tions which are unique to organic winegrowing.
The Domaines Auriol are certified AB for the totality of its procedures, fermenting, bottling, logistics and management.
Our company is ISO 9001 certified since 2005
The bottling + bag in box centres are certified AB, BRC & IFS

Biodynamics as of 2014
Le wines that are issued from biodynamic viticulture will complete our organic collection as of the 2014 vintage with the “Plo des Vents” range signed Demeter.