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Corbières Montmija

Patiently built up over two generations by Clément Vialade, his son Jean and their respective wives, the vineyard now covers 27 hectares of vines planted on the slopes and the plateau adjacent to the Orbieu Valley in Ribaute. In 1985 under the impulse of Jean, the founder and President of the Ribaute Cooperative Winery and Director of Château Pech-Latt, these two neighbouring vineyards began their conversion to Organic Farming. A visionary of his time - long before organic farming was prevalent – Jean Vialade made Ribaute the first Cooperative winery in Europe produce all organically farmed wines.

When it was time to hand over the reins his children, Eric and Claude, opted to create their own individual wines. Today Montmija is run by Claude Vialade at the heart of the Domaine Auriol. The Corbières-Montmija signature bio, is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan partly sourced from our own vineyards and in part from grapes obtained from wine makers who adhere to our specific methods production.

The label still depicts the gate to the fortified town of Ribaute, dating back to the middle ages. Corbières-Montmija represents the typical Mediterranean style with its fragrant meadows, the elegant cypress trees blowing in the breeze, the charming and resolute landscape of this timeless Corbières. It is the embodiment of our range and close to our hearts. Montmija showcases a range of varietals for your palate including syrah, merlot, chardonnay, plus a range of other enjoyable organic wines.

Corbières Montmija
Corbières Montmija


Corbières Cuvée 'Crus Signés/Signed Vintages' a terroir selection of 80% Syrah and 20% Grenache, aged in vats to emphasize the fruity, spicy character. This complex and quite full-bodied wine nicely exudes the aromas of the surrounding garrigue scrub.

Surface 25 hectares
Planted grape varieties Syrah : 45 % , Carignan : 30 % , Grenache noir : 20 % ,Mourvèdre : 5 %
Average yields 40 hectolitres/hectare
Vinification equipment

2 vaslin presses, destalker, thermo-regulated stainless steel vats and traditional stone vats. Cold units, pumps for pumping over.

Ageing method Ageing takes place in vats. Once bottled, the wines are aged corked (without capsules) in the air-conditioned cellar of les Domaines Auriol / Lézignan.
Average annual production 700 hectoliters divided as follows : 80 000 bottles of Corbières rouge Cuvée 'Cru Signé'
Price range 6 - 8 euros
Marketing 5 % in France to wholesale wine merchants.95 % for export. Main client countries: UK and Denmark.