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Château Vialade

Maison Vialade is the hands-on inspiration of its winegrowers: the Vialades.

The Maison Vialade collection has established itself as a reliable asset. It was created as a tribute to the patriarch Jean Vialade in his 85th year. It stands for family values.

The bottle calls upon the traditional way of serving wine: a real cork and a customised capsule covering the neck. This is a classic, elegant bottle which allows wine connoisseurs to serve their wine à la française in the tradition of hotel schools.

The cork is in response to gastronomic chefs and individuals who value the real cork and its associated ceremonial.

The warm tones of the label, highlighted with gold features, give off the same charm and appeal to be found in the aura of the Father of the Family. The very first wooden case was created especially for Jean Vialade. It contains six varietals: Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah Red and Rosé. My brother and I presented it to our father on his birthday.

The range is completed by the very first Pays d’Oc Gewurtztraminer and the famous southern hybrid Le Marselan.

These varietal wines are the alter ego of the Saint-Auriol varietals in screwcapped bottles. The profile of these single-variety wines is thus quite concentrated, the tannins being on the ample, mouthfilling side. The Cabernet and Chardonnay are enriched by a touch of oak, and the fullness of the Merlot results from very frequent pumping-over during vinification. The Sauvignon get their plenitude from regular stirring of the lees.

Maison Vialade