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Château Saint Auriol

After her last year of university Claude took charge over Château Saint-Auriol, and the daunting site of almost abandoned buildings and its 14 hectares of vines. In order for the dream of this young 20 year old of the Pays d’Oc to become a reality and the Domaine Auriol we see today, the building needed an overhaul. This was the beginning of years of rural perseverance, modesty through inexperience and feminine dynamism. The roofs have been reconstructed, the living quarters restored, the wine cellar renovated, construction of a fermenting room and planting and replanting of the vineyard, which has gone from 14 hectares down to 9 and then up to 43 hectares in size. Claude likes to joke about this period of her life. Looking back on “life in the castle”, with the years of hard work where the trowel and secateurs came before relaxation and strolling the grounds. Years later these it is all a distant memory, these initial obstacles overcome with a dash of recklessness, a fit of laughter and a touch of humour. “Saint-Auriol, La Châtelaine is born”.

Today the buildings are used for functions and it is run by family members. “La Châtelaine” stretches across the upper terraces of the Orbieu Valley from Lagrasse (a historic vineyard) right up to the doorstep of Lézignan-Corbières (a modern vineyard).

Château Saint Auriol
Château Saint Auriol

LA FOLIE DE SAINT-AURIOL signifies the premium collection. The yield is limited on certain vintages with concentration dictating style: coffee bean, cocoa, leather, warm spice and earthy notes.

CHATEAU SAINT-AURIOL RED offers a tight bouquet of red fruits and tender spice balanced with an elegant and fresh flavour with firm and concentrated tannins. 

THE WHITES have defied the reputation of the brand across the world. They were the first Marsannes and Rousannes fermented in new barrels within Languedoc-Roussillon. Here we come across the uncommon aromas of white flowers and a light vanilla and honey. They are a taste bud sensation of discovery for flavour freaks disillusioned by mind-numbing chardonnays and overbearing sauvignons.

SAINT AURIOL CHATELAINE ROSE, flavoursome ripe strawberry aromas; this rosé is delightful. Saint-Auriol reveals its collection of “Cépage Saint-Auriol”, and the “Réserve Le Saint-Auriol” cuvees. From the Premium wines to the youngest vines, the grapes, whatever the price, big or small, are processed in the same fashion, the family fashion, the Auriol fashion!


Four wines bear the Château Saint-Auriol label

The white Corbières has identical proportions of marsanne and roussanne, vinified in casks, with regular stirring on lees. It is appreciated for its subtle tannins and its structure which is good for laying down.

The rosé Corbières: consists of 25% mourvèdre, 25% syrah, 25% grenache and 25% cinsault vinified by bleeding. A tasty rosé with peppery strawberry aromas.

The red Corbières : combines 35% syrah with 40% grenache and carignan, and 20% mourvèdre. Aged for 10-12 months in barrels, it develops aromas of red fruit, spices, thyme and rosemary, with a hint of vanilla.

La Folie de Saint-Auriol : goes against the trend among wine-growers to have the terroir recognized through one-off vintages or cuvées. Claude Vialade has long been against the 'super-vintage' principle, and always refused to follow that fashion, focusing instead on presenting a single blend bearing the labels of her châteaux. Made up of Mediterranean and Atlantic grape varieties, aged in casks for 14 months, the 'Folie' generously imparts its fragrance of black fruit with the odd hint of garrigue and liquorice, enhanced by a light touch of vanilla

This château collection is rounded off by second wines : The cuvée 'des carignans historiques'

Château Saint Auriol
Surface 40 hectares
Planted grape varieties Syrah : 14 ha; Grenache noir : 12 ha; Carignan : 8 ha; Cabernet : 2 ha; Marsanne : 1 ha; Roussanne : 1 ha; Bourboulenc/malvoisie : 1 ha; Grenache blanc and macabeu : 1 ha;
Average yields 42 hl/ha for Reds, 25 hl/ha for Whites
Vinification equipment 2 vaslin presses, destalker, heat-regulated stainless steel vats and traditional stone vats. Cold units, pumps for pumping over.
Ageing equipment 400 oak casks, 20% new. Once bottled, the wines are aged in the air-conditioned cellar of Les Domaines Auriol SAS.
Average annual production 1,200 hectoliters divided up as follows : 6,000 bottles of Château Saint-Auriol white ; 20,000 bottles of Château Saint-Auriol rosé ; 98,000-110,000 bottles of Château Saint-Auriol red ; 14,000 bottles of La Folie du Château Saint-Auriol red ; 30,00050,000 bottles of second wine Domaine La Chapelle carignans historiques and Grenache-Syrah Bio
Price range prices on the estate range between 4.60 and 16 euros
Marketing 15 % in France :  5 % to private buyers ; 5 % to restaurants ; 5 % to wholesalers ; 85 % for export. Sales in 40 countries, including the EU, Canada, Asia, the Middle East (Lebanon)...