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Château Ciceron


Château Ciceron is a unique site, to the north protected by the Alaric Mountain and to the south overlooking the meandering river Orbieu.The aim of Ciceron is to follow on with the Innovative and Qualitative Approach of the Auriol group, a signature created with perseverance and pragmatism by Claude Vialade.
It’s a privileged area, protected from mass tourism, an area with a protected ecosystem, in osmosis with Nature.
The Domaine is not far from Lagrasse, a member of the association “most beautiful village of France”.


First a roman villa, then an outhouse of the Abbey of Lagrasse (X and XII century), the viticultural vocation of Ciceron is established at the begin­ning of the XX century.
In the 1960’s, under the drive of the oenologue Patrick Saulnier Blache, heir of the famous chain of “Nicolas” stores, the domaine became an inter­nationally renowned name not just thanks to the quality of its wines but also by its’ innovation. It has become an experimental domaine, associated with INRA of the Domaine Pech-Rouge at Gruissan. Ciceron has promoted a quality approach for the entire region of the Corbières Appellation.
In 1990, the director Jacques Davila selected Ciceron for the making of a “cult” art-house film “La Campagne Ciceron” (The Ciceron Campaign) recently re-mastered for the Toulouse film library. This film is shown on the Ciné + Club channel.

Our current range at Château Ciceron, AOP Corbières is produced according to the permitted grape varieties of the Corbières appellation. There are no barrels here; only fruit and spice. We are at the epicentre of the art of living in Corbières with L’Orangeraie representing the epitome of top red wines. The “premium” wine, the “CV” (Claude Vialade) is rich and full. The grape varieties used in the “Charles Ciceron” wines make up an eclectic and contemporary style with screw cap opening. Whether in red or white these wines always shine.

Château Ciceron
Château Ciceron


Because the grapes are of insufficient quantity to apply for an organic certification, they are conventionally vinified.

Red Corbières with 'Qualité France certification' wine aged in vats with a distinctively fruity character, and good for laying down.

Rosé Corbières : The rosé is made up of 30% Syrah, 30% Grenache and 40% Cinsault vinified by bleeding. It has marked aromas of strawberry and white pepper, and a natural acidity lending it a pleasant subtlety.

White Corbières : The white combines 55% Grenache with 45% Malvoisie. A wine of character, with aromas of citrus and white flowers, at once lively and fresh.

Surface 20 hectares
Planted grape varieties Because Cicéron was initially an experimental estate, there are several varieties in one and the same parcel. Among them: carignan, grenache noir, grenache gris, grenache blanc, syrah, merlot, cinsault.
Average yields 40 hectolitres/hectare
Vinification equipment Thermo-regulated stainless steel vats and coated cement vats. Vaslin press, cold units

Ageing method

Château Cicéron wines are aged exclusively in vats. Once bottled, they are aged corked (without capsules) in the air-conditioned cellars.
Average annual production 400 à 500 hectolitres divided up as follows: - 15,000 bottles of white Corbières - 7,000-8,000 bottles of rosé Corbières - 35,000 bouteilles bottles of red Corbières
Price range Estate prices range from 7,95 € to 14,90 €.
Marketing 40% In France. 60 % for export, to Germany in particular.