The necessary sanitary measures

Dear friends, Dear customers,

Facing the current health news, allow us to express our hope that you and your relatives are ok. We have taken the necessary sanitary measures, for the health of our employees and thebest possible workflow for our company. Our activities are ongoing and we adapt to the instructions we receive from the French government.

The teams are operational and motivated, working from home is in place, the permanence and presence of several people is ensured at the office.

We process your orders and requests for information with care:
- Export shipments are planned for the weeks 12 and 13. However,as the events and the instructions rapidely change, we advice you to :

      - accelerate the withdrawal of your orders, bottling centres will close in the coming days.

      - To contact Lisa for the fluid coordination with the bottling centres

- Shipment of grouped orders have been adapted between 10h-12h and 14h-16h. Please inform your transport companies.
We have asked Lisa (head of Sales Administration) to anticipate:

- On the maintaining of your orders
- On the respect of shipment and collection dates

In order not to impact unnecessarily our stock and to maintain a fluid process of all shipments

Supply chain and suppliers
- The dry matter supply is ensured thanks to our stocks and supplier deliveries
- The bottling centres will close one after the other, due to the directives with regards to the protection and safety of people. 

We have to keep in mind that the situation can rapidly change according to the instructions of the Government, let’s stay in contact, anticipate your orders.
We will inform you immediately when changes are announced.

We wish you lots of courage, relevance and patience to get through this very special situation.

Avec nos salutations vigneronnes, winegrower’s greetings,

Jordi Salvagnac & Claude Vialade