Tetra Pak©

Domaines Auriol is launching production of 140,000 units of a white IGP Côtes de Gascogne and a red IGP Pays d'Oc wine under the Maison Vialade brand for the Norwegian market.

The Tetra Pak® format dovetails perfectly with trends in the Norwegian market. Consumers have a relaxed approach to wine, they don’t have any preconceived ideas about bottles, they are looking for a format that is easy to use and practical to store in the fridge, for weekends by the sea or on pleasure boats along the sheltered Fjords. Now 100% recyclable, the Tetra Pak® format considerably reduces carbon emissions for the wine industry.

 Why Tetra Pak®?

- It is 100% recyclable

- Reduces carbon footprint

- Protects the organoleptic profile/sensory aspects of the wines to perfection.

- Is suited to the urban lifestyle and to drinking habits specific to the Norwegian monopoly’s clients: on a boat, at the weekend, for picnics.

- For laid-back consumers

- Lightweight

- Keeps very well.

By staying ahead of the curve in a variety of markets and responding to consumer concerns, Domaines Auriol continually makes progress. The rigorous standards required to protect the eco-system and plan for 22nd-century winegrowing are long-standing cornerstones of the policy of innovation at Domaines Auriol, which cements the bond between Occitania and natural surroundings protected by Man.