Merlot Vegan Bio IGP Pays d’Oc

Merlot Vegan Bio

IGP Pays d’Oc

Consuming vegan products demonstrates altruism and a holistic approach to Life, showing respect for it and defending every aspect of it. Our company is certified vegan by the European V-Label, a process we began in 2017 and which implies a commitment by our suppliers and partners.

The vineyards are farmed organically and are certified by Ecocert.

Grape-variety 100% Merlot
Soil clay-limestone soil
Winemaking The grapes are entirely picked by machine. The fruit is destemmed before entering the tanks and fermentation then occurs for between 25 to 30 days at controlled temperatures. The wines are regularly and frequently pumped over. Native yeast is used, the wines are not fined and the amount of SO2 is limited. None of the inputs are animal-derived or tested on animals.
Tasting Note The exceptionally mild, dry climate imbues the wine with abundant red fruit aromas. The palate is easy-drinking and rounded with an array of tannins that impart beautiful roundness. Drink at 17°C.