Montmija is the name of the Ribaute vineyard of Juliette and Jean Vialade, the patriarch of the family. The collection today contains “organic” varietal wines and cuvees from our company.

Le Bistro Blanc VCE

Le Bistro Blanc


Serve as an aperitif, with cold meat or goat cheese.

Grape-varieties The Airen late grape variety of La Mancha brings the freshness to the wine. The Sauvignon brings the citrus notes to this blend.
Soil clay-limestone
Winemaking The pre-fermentation cold maceration develops aromas of white fleshed fruit.  The low temperature fermentation gives this cuvee character and fruit. During all the wine making process and the aging the wines are protected by nitrogen. 
Robe white pale
Nose floral notes
Mouth aromas of stone fruit such as peach
Serving temperature 10°C.