Ciceron has completed a range of varietal wines and cuvees which are aromatic and spicy. These are what we call pleasure wines.

Belles du Sud Blanc de Blancs Vin de France

Belles du Sud Blanc de Blancs

Vin de France

Enjoy with seafood, white meats or as an aperitif. 

Varietal Sauvignon Blanc
Soil types Vineyards located in Bas Armagnac, South-West France. The soils are composed of sand or ‘boulbenes’ combining silt and clay, delivering fine, floral and elegant wines.
Winemaking Harvested by machine by night. Temperature control from destemming to racking (around 7°C) and fermentation to preserve aroma. De-alcoholisation takes place before bottling and involves two membrane techniques: reverse osmosis and a membrane contactor. Particular attention is paid to preserving colour.
Tasting notes Elegant nose, freshness, peach, tropical fruits. Drink within two years after bottling at 10°C. On the palate, white-fleshed fruits such as peach.