Ciceron has completed a range of varietal wines and cuvees which are aromatic and spicy. These are what we call pleasure wines.

Belles du Sud Rosé Gris Vin de France

Belles du Sud Rosé Gris

Vin de France

Enjoy as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to grilled meats and vegetables or sushi. 

Varietal A blend of Cinsault and Grenache
Soil types High altitude Mediterranean vineyard in northern Languedoc which promotes full aromatic ripeness without producing high potential alcohol.
Winemaking Harvested by machine, direct-to-press using a pneumatic press in a protected atmosphere. Particular attention is paid to not over-crushing the grapes so that colour is kept light and aromatic finesse is maximised. Fermentation at low temperatures of 14-16°C. De-alcoholisation takes place before bottling. It involves a physical process combining reverse osmosis and a membrane contactor, preserving aromas and colour.
Tasting notes Very pale, brilliant colour with a hint of rose petal. Fresh nose of citrus fruits and white flowers. On the palate, the wine is refreshing and elegant with a salty finish.