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Château Vialade

Château & Maison Vialade are inspired directly by the Vialade winemakers. The name of the company “Les Domaines Auriol” is inspired by the Château Saint-Auriol, the first vineyard that dates back to the 1980’s. VIALADE &SAINT AURIOL are alter egos.

The MAISON VIALADE collection is a must for all wine sellers, it was created in honour of the patriarch Jean Vialade, to celebrate his 85th birthday and is based on strong family values.

The bottle reminds us of the authentic way of serving wine: a real cork and cap personalised and set on the bottleneck, classic and elegant. The warm tones of the label, underlined with threads of gold, emanate charm and seduction, the same aura as the Pater Familias.

Construction of the collection:

- The luxury range CHATEAU VIALADE on CORBIERES, has light-bodied tannins which are nevertheless present, elegant and influenced by the flowers of the garrigues, with a beautiful ruby colour.

- The varietal range with its first ever Gewürztraminer Pays d’Oc or the famous Meridional Metis: The Marselan.

Château Vialade